Dental Technology at Radiant Family Dentistry

At Radiant Family Dentistry, we combine top dental technologies with comfortable, patient-focused care to cultivate unmatched experiences for our patients. We've invested in the best dental tools and technologies to make treatments more effective, more affordable, and more comfortable!

Here are just some of the technologies we offer at our Scottsdale dental office:

dentist showing a patient her dental x-rayDigital X-Rays

At Radiant Family Dentistry, we offer non-invasive, portable X-rays that allow our imaging process to be simple and comfortable! Handheld x-ray technology is used to help our team ensure accurate diagnoses and enhanced clinical safety, thanks to our system's reduced radiation exposure. Our patients love that the x-ray process is quick, stress free, and allows their images to be viewed by Dr. Chan right away! 

Intraoral Camera

X-rays are an excellent tool used to diagnose oral health concerns, but an intraoral camera takes dental imaging technologies a step further. We use our intraoral camera to examine the deeper areas of our patients' mouths that x-rays can’t show.

iTero® 3D Scanner 

At Radiant Family Dentistry, digital dentistry with the iTero 3D Scanner allows our patients to design and preview their new smile with Invisalign, and so much more! Powered by state-of-the-art optical technologies, the iTero scanner takes quick, comfortable digital images of the teeth and surrounding tissues to provide non-invasive assessment of each patient's preventive, cosmetic, orthodontic, or tooth repair needs.

Dr. Chan and her team use iTero's digital technology to diagnose toothaches, detect cavities, and determine the best restorative and cosmetic dental procedures for each unique smile. Invisalign patients can even preview their orthodontic treatment results right away!

Experience Top Dental Technologies in Scottsdale

Ready to experience the latest dental technologies with a team that prioritizes your comfort? Call Radiant Family Dentistry today to schedule your appointment!

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