Professional Teeth Whitening in Scottsdale, AZ

You deserve a bright, white smile you can be proud of — and the teeth whitening treatments at Radiant Family Dentistry are designed to deliver just that! Our professional teeth whitening systems are efficient, painless, and effective, to restore your bright confident smile.

Teeth can become dull and yellowed over time for a number of reasons, including nutritional habits, advanced aging, medications, and more. For patients who are ready to whiten and brighten their smiles, Dr. Chan is proud to offer advanced teeth whitening treatments from trusted brands Opalescence® and KOR®.

Dr. Christine Chan of Radiant Family Dentistry smiling with one of her patientsHow Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

At Radiant Family Dentistry, our professional teeth whitening treatments make it easier to achieve a brighter smile, sometimes in just a single treatment!

At Radiant Family Dentistry, we offer two different types of professional whitening services: in-office teeth whitening and convenient, custom. take-home teeth whitening kits. Each is known to produce safe, seamless, glowing results.  Each in-office whitening treatment works by treating the teeth with a hydrogen peroxide gel and then activating the gel to release oxygen ions. The oxygen ions flood the teeth to break down interior and exterior staining and achieve a brighter, healthier look.

Our teeth whitening treatments are well tolerated by most patients — the bleaching process is incredibly effective and extremely safe with little to no discomfort!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

At Radiant Family Dentistry, our convenient take-home whitening kits use custom-made trays that are crafted from a mold of your teeth. Our office will supply the trays and the whitening gels — when you're ready to whiten your teeth, simply place the whitening gel inside the trays and place the trays in your mouth.

With your convenient custom trays, you can maintain your brighter smile results for years to come. Our office is happy to order refills of whitening gel for you any time you need them!

Teeth Whitening with KöR

Radiant Family Dentistry is proud to offer the KöR Teeth Whitening system, which allows our dentist to remove even the deepest of stains. KöR is even known to help to counteract deep tooth stains caused by tetracycline medication. The KöR teeth whitening system combines in-office visits and at-home whitening trays to reveal each patient's whitest smile. Best of all, with occasional home treatment, this whitening can be permanent! 

With four different levels of KöR whitening available, our dentist will select the one that best addresses each patient’s unique needs. This system is excellent for patients who have experienced tooth sensitivity or even pain during teeth whitening? KöR whitening uses a breakthrough whitening gel that, in most cases, causes little to no sensitivity! Most of our patients have no discomfort while KöR teeth whitening reduces the reduces the appearance of tooth stains caused by coffee, red wine, tea, tetracycline medication and more. 

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Consultation with Dr. Chan Today

If you have any questions about in-office or take-home teeth whitening services, or any of the other cosmetic dental treatments offered at Radiant Family Dentistry, call us today! A teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Chan is the perfect way to determine the best, most effective teeth whitening treatment for your smile.

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